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Paloma Úbeda Mansilla

Pais España Adscripción Institucional Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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Paloma holds a PhD in Education from the UCM with 31 years of experience in teaching ELE and EFA at different educational levels, from Primary to Higher Education abroad and in Spain. She has taught at Exeter University, St John´s University of York (UK) and at various secondary schools in Sweden. She is the author of several books, research articles published in international and national JCR journals, and papers presented at conferences in the field of Linguistics and Education. All these publications have been supported by educational research and innovation projects by the UPM, two of which have been awarded. She has extensive experience in the design of Spanish and English of academic and professional communication courses in the field of architecture and construction to native and non-native speakers. She is responsible for the creation and opening of several Erasmus Mundus bilateral teaching agreements for the Madrid School of Architecture where she has been teaching since 1994. Currently, she coordinates the European project SEAH (